Canal du Midi – Holiday Report – Wednesday

Holiday report Canal du Midi, from Carnon Plage (Montpellier) to Homps (single voyage): 140 km, 17 locks, 25 operational engine hours, 4 persons on board + mascotdog Ella (team

In the evening we walked down into the centre of the small town of Capestang (click here for beautiful photos), 13 kms from Béziers and 18 kms from Narbonne.
The splendid 14-century church towers highly above the rest of Capestang.


Hungrily we gazed at the window-dressing of quite a number of restaurants.
We chose “Café de la Grille” at the (market) Place Jean-Jaurès, right next to the church.
We have not regretted this as we fully enjoyed dining on this cosy terrace!
We sat there between the trees with colourful lampbulb shine and delicious fragrances of herbs and from the grill that was situated on the terrace.
Grilled meat, cuttle-fish rings, salads, the wine….it all was of a perfect friendliness, tasty and generously served at a reasonable price.
Delighted we climbed our way back upstairs to the canal. On such moments a searchlight comes in handy….


Next day we went to the market where Greet bought a heart-shaped difficult-to-read watch with imitation diamonds. But here time only seems to exist for lock-keepers so we do not bother to much.

At the end of the morning we pulled the pins out of the grass and navigated on…..


Ella started enjoying a well-accompanied siesta.