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Montreux-Château, our base in Burgundy Franche-Comté.

From the Rhone to the Rhine you can admire the beauty of the surrounding tourist area. Passing through a lock carved in the rock at Rochefort-sur-Neon. Or making a stop at Oselle with its famous cave and its lake while sailing in the tunnel of Thoraise. And finally, why not stop at the double-lock of Rancenay?
5 500km of rivers, over 100 ponds, 80 lakes, torrents, waterfalls and water sources. Here is what you will discover by sailing on the waters of Franche-Comté. Whether you make a stopover in Besançon, Dole, or Montbéliard you will notice how cities are full of history, customs and legends.
– Besançon: Besançon has a prestigious architectural heritage. A Citadelle and fortifications Vauban listed on the World Heritage List, 200 classified monuments, a hundred private mansions, the second
safeguarded area of France. What give you the desire to make a stopover!
– Baume les Dames: Come and relax for a rest or a break! In the heart of the valleys of Doubs and Cusancin, tranquility will seize and soothe travelers in search of rest, in the heart of a Cité Patrimoine, its villages with the Comtoise look and generous nature to wish!
– Dole: Located at the gateway to the Jura, Dole is the birthplace of Louis Pasteur, the city was thecapital of the county of Burgundy before being integrated into the kingdom of France in 1678. Thusyou can discover the many inspired buildings Renaissance and a multitude of polychrome stones. A walk in this town will allow you to discover the bell tower of the Notre-Dame collegiate church more than 500 years old proudly dominating the historic center.
– Montbéliard: For nearly four centuries Montbéliard was under the aegis of the Württemberg family. Its illustrious monuments, its narrow streets, its squares, its colored facades are all contrasted architectural elements that recall the singular history of Montbéliard …
Franche-Comté is above all a rich natural and historical heritage. Let yourself be tempted by a river cruise aboard one of our boats without a permit, whether it be with friends or with family, the numerous hiking trails, the bicycle rides or the historical stages will delight all of you .
Our base in Franche-Comté :
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