Discover the history and folklore of Poland by boat. Cruise through colourful historical towns, through preserved natural landscapes. There are many locks along the way, and the Elblag Canal is listed by UNESCO and is one of the Seven Wonders of Poland. From Rybina to Gdansk passing through Drewnica or Tczew, enjoy the scenery, history and colours of Poland. A unique experience: from Elblag to Ostroda take five boat lifts, working with a system of tracks – the only system like it in the world!

Departure base: Rybina (close to Gdańsk)

Suggestions for cruises from Gdansk

Rybina – Elblag – Malbork – Rybina : 120 km, 4 locks, 15 hours
Rybina – Drewnica – Sztutowo – Elblag – Rybina : 80 km, 0 locks, 10 hours

Rybina – Elblag – Malbork – Tczew – Rybina: 170 km, 5 locks, 21 hours

One Week
Zulawy Ring : Rybina, Elblag, Malbork, Gniew, Tczew, Rybina : 200 km – 7 locks – 25 hours

One or two weeks
Zulawy Ring + Ostróda-Elblag Canal: Rybina – Gdańsk, Elbląg, Ostróda, Elbląg Canal, Iława and/or Ostróda, Ostróda, Elbląg Canal, Elbląg, Gdańsk – Rybina : 280 – 350 km – 8 locks – 5 platforms – 6 draw bridges – 50 hours

Map of Poland

Tourist attractions

• Gdańsk town and its 1000 year old history, its monuments, its historical and cultural patrimony
• Malbork: the largest brick castle in Europe
• Tczew and its bridges over 150 years old
• Drewnica / Żuławki, its wind mills, its arcade houses
• Polish gastronomy: pierogi, bigos, soup-zurek, fresh fish from surrounding rivers, all accompanied with the famous vodka and local beers
• The boat lift of the Elblag canal from Elblag to Ostróda on rail
• Ilawa and its lake