GENERAL CONDITIONS OF HIRE as registered by France Passion Plaisance and Chamber of Commerce Leiden under nr. B. 01199
Dutch registration includes extra paragraph “Booking Agent”

The hirer is the person who rents a boat and the letter is the person who owns and rents out the boat.

The person hiring the boat must be 18 years old or older and will be held responsible for it. The letter will require the hirer to show he/she is a responsible person. If he/she cannot, a full repayment of the fee will be made but without compensation.

Payment within 7 days of a deposit of 40 per cent of the hiring fee, will be required to reserve a boat. The balance must be paid 7 weeks before departure. For all bank payment from other countries, the fees will be in charge of the hirer.
By this same payment hirer declares to have read these conditions and to agree with them.

A deposit of € 660 till € 1200 (accidental damage excess) in cash, checks or foreign currency, will be asked before boarding. This deposit will be given back at the return, in condition that the boat and equipment are bought back in the same state they left, undamaged, at the hour and place said. This amount represents the insurance exemption in case of accident and is used as well for any fees caused by the break of material or by a bad maintenance of the boat during the cruise.

By hirer:
If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your booking, send a letter of explanation to the hirer as soon as possible. A cancellation fee according to the following scale will be charged:

More than 10 weeks before departure: 250 euro cancellation fee.
Between 10 and 6 weeks before departure: 40 % of net rental price + premium of cancellation and other insurances (if applicable)
Les than 6 weeks before departure: 100 % of net rental price + premium of cancellation and other insurances (if applicable)

7 weeks before departure the entire net rental price should be have been received by us, delay of this can result in total settlement of the 40 % already paid with the cost the hirer and the agent have made. (see above)

This is to guarantee the payment of cancellation fees that will have to be paid to the hiring company in case of cancellation. This insurance is valid if you cancel your trip BEFORE DEPARTURE for one of the following causes : serious illness, serious accident, death of yourself, your husband or your spouse, a parent or a child. This guarantee is valid for all the people on board. In case of cancellation, the fees amount to € 80 + amount of the cancellation insurance.

The price of the trip includes insurance in case of damage to the boat. The hirer and passengers are not insured. Bicycles are the hirers responsibility. A charge will be made if they are lost or stolen.

AXA CROISIÈRE PLUS INSURANCE (see for details attachment of these conditions)
You can insure the deposit of the boat, minor bicycle accidents and cancellation during the trip. This insurance does not mean that you will not have to pay the deposit and after damage the arrival base presents to you a bill for the damages (never more than the deposit)
This bill plus the form attached to these conditions have to be sent to Axa France for reimbursement.

see for conditions Axa cancellation insurance
see for Axa Croisière Plus and fill out form
see for Axa Croisière Plus and fill out form in French

The hirer must notify all damage to the letter, who will advise him/her what to do. The hirer or the victim of the accident will not be eligible for compensation if the trip has to be cancelled.

The boat will be at disposal of the hirer after the following formal procedures : – payment of the balance – payment of the security deposit – inventory of the boat. The hirer can legitimately refuse to take possession of the boat if it does not correspond with the one presented in the brochure if essential equipment is not in working order, or if it has not been cleaned to an acceptable standard The venue for embarkation may be changed due to any circumstances not under the letter’s control.

The boat must be returned by the time and date agreed, except in unforeseeable circumstances. The boat should be returned to the letter in the same state it was handed over and according to the inventory. The letter may make a charge for late return or if the boat is abandoned. The letter can make the occupier repay all fees involved by a late or abandon of the boat during the cruise.

The hirer must respect regulations relating to river or sea navigation. It is forbidden to cruise at night, as well as to take on tow. The captain must not take on passengers not agreed at time of embarkation.

In case of swelling or low water level, hazards on the serial or any other events that may prevent navigation, the letter can in these circumstances change the dates and places of departure. If the same circumstances make the trip impossible, the payment can be used for a similar trip at a future date if this is practicable. These conditions apply when the events happen during the trip and only if the boat is immobilised for more than 48 hours.

The cost of hire includes assistance in case of breakdown. Hirers should arrange for any necessary repairs in accordance with the rules of hire.

If immobilisation due to breakdown exceeds 24 hours, the letter will reimburse the hirer the amount he has paid on proportion to the time of the immobilisation. This time counts from the moment the letter informs the hirer of the breakdown. The hirer should not intervene in any way unless in an emergency.

If it is proved that the breakdown is the hirers fault, the hirer will receive no compensation in case of cancellation of the trip. The letter can keep the deposit to pay for reparations.

The hirer undertakes to notify all lost, damaged or stolen equipment and will be required to pay for it. The letter is not responsible for loss or damage caused in any way to the personal effects of the hirer.

Pets are welcomed on board. Nevertheless, the hirer will not however be allowed to use the bedding, plates or dishes for his/her pet. Any necessary equipment must be provided by the hirer.

For a reservation made with children under 16 years old, you must absolutely give us: The age, the weight and the height of each child on board.
This information is very important to determine the right size for the life jackets and the bicycles.

Even if accepted by the rental company, the one way is never guaranteed from the fact of the risks being able to affect the enrolling.
The rental company can for a legitimate reason impose a reverse of the one way direction or, upon repayment of the one way fee impose a return cruise.
The hirer must phone the base of departure 48 hours before boarding.

BOOKING AGENT van Houten acts as mediator between letter and hirer will only be responsible for conscientious and reliable passage of reservations, confirmations and payments. van Houten acts for the responsibility and risk of hirer and cannot be held responsible for eventual disputes between letter and hirer.
Therefore French Law is applicable. In such a case the Agent will dedicate himself to his best ability to help solving the problem.