9 Steps to get your vacation afloat………….. how does this way of chartering a boat work ?
1/ sort out where, when and with who you would like to go
2/ find the area where by clicking on map
3/ find the boat suitable for you on fleet
4/ look up the rental rate on rates
5/ fill in the provisional reservation form or, if you are not sure mail us for information
if you rather let it up to us then also simply send us the information form first and take step 5 later
6/ after receipt of your provisional reservation we send you a Provisional Reservation Agreement, valid 7 days to enable you to pay the 40 % down payment within this same period of 7 days.
By this same payment you declare that you have received these conditions and that you agree with them..
ONLY these acts can result into a reservation that we promptly send to you.
please carefully read the conditions that we add.
eventual insurance premium will have to be paid together with the down payment
7/ when sending the reservation confirmation we add details on the port of departure (and arrival, if one way reservation)
8/ At the latest 5 weeks before departure the rest of the rent will have to be present on our bank account, after which we promptly send you a Voucher of Reservation
9/ If there are any questions on the way you can call the Base Manager’s number that we will provide. If things are still not clear do not hesitate to phone Happily on most of our bases english is spoken… and understood.

canal boat vacation BUrgundy

Mila is waiting for the crew on our rental vessel in Digoin, Burgundy, France

Please read Preparing My Trip and the Frequently Asked Questions in our brochure that you can view or download on this web site: pages 64-66