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Czech Republic

follow our canal cruise in the Canal du Midi and Canal du Rhone à Sete (7 pages, click through at bottom of pages)

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On this map you find where your next holiday might take  place on a luxury canal and river motor yacht or houseboat, similar to ultimate relaxation on the inland waters of Europe, together with your family, friends and -maybe-  your pet.
The rivers and canals in most countries are ideal for vacationing in stunning landscapes and cultural jewels from the past.
Bring along your bicycles so that you can explore the tow paths and check the locks that are ahead of you. You can also rent them at our bases
For additional pleasaure on the water you can rent a stand up paddle
You do not need a navigation license en our staff will be happy to give you a short training in manoeuvring and mooring the vessel.
In case you have any questions please do not hesitatie to mail to
All boats are fully furnised with kitchengear, oven, fridge and freezer, showers, flushing toilets, central heating.
Camping afloat in ultimate freedom, that is waht you do with our boats.
Bring along or rent bicycles to explore the tow paths alongside the canals and rivers.
In the past these inland waterways we dug for trnasportation reasons and nowadays the locks and canals still havet the sizes of the standard Peniche cargo vessels.
Nowadays the canals are very calm and ideal for your riveryacht vacation.
You will get back home with a smile on you face after so much  riveryacht relaxation and so many impressions after visiting cultural and historical sites and pittoresque markets on the way.

Life on board
The drawing room – Lounge
The drawing room (lounge) is an important place for a convivial trip between friends, family, to taste local specialities, to discuss or to sleep. It is an important place when you will choose your boat.
The cabins
The boats have 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 cabins for more comfort and intimity. In the cabins, you could find single or double beds.
Bed linen
Each boat has a complete set of bed linen (sheet, blankets, duvets, household linen, towels, bolsters).
Kitchen – Galley
Each kitchen has a large space of work, washbasins, kitchen sink, one oven, large cupboards, one or two refrigerators in accordance with the dimensions of the boat.
In each boat, you could find a large range of utensils for kitchen ( drinks, plates, etc.).
In accordance with the dimensions of the boat, you could have one, two or three bathrooms with shower, and sometimes, aAll the boats have a big reserve of water, with hot and cold running water, which is sufficient for the cruising.
Storage space
There is a big storage space in a pleasure boat ( cupboard, wardrobe) to to arrange your personal things and clothes. There is in the most modern boats, a strongbox for your money and others valuables
Electrical fittings
Each boat is equipped with a 12 volts system, and plugs to load mobile phones, tablets, cameras. Each boat has a cd player and 16 volt plugs . You can rent a 12 to 220 volt (max 300 Watt) transformer
For all the motor yachts, there is central heating.
The sundeck
Somes boats have a sun deck which is very pleasant to take advantage of the weather, of the sun during your cruising. You could taste the local specialities on the terrace during a stop in a village.