Destinations of France

cruise in Burgundy by river and canal yacht Nivernais Saone Seille Doubs Roanne Loire

La Bourgogne (Burgundy)

Departing by Tarpon or other riveryacht from Pontailler sur Saone, Digoin, Châtillon en Bazois, Louhans,  Coulanges sur Yonne you have a large choice of routes – the Saone, the ‘Petite Saone’, the Doubs, the Nivernais Canal, the Yonne or the Canal Latéral à la Loire
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Canal du Midi Camargue Aquitaine Baise boat rental Agde Carnon Montpellier Coulanges Homps Carcassonne Fourques sur Garonne

Le Sud (the South of France)

Canal du Midi, Camargue, Aquitaine. To visit the colourful region of Gascony – land of d’Artagnan, an area rich in history – cruise along the Baïse or the Canal lateral à la Garonne…
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river Lot self drive vacation Cahors Luzech south west of France boat rental


The River Lot is one of the most beautiful and colourful in France, and you can cruise through St Cirq Lapopie, voted one of France’s most beautiful villages…
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on river Charente from Cognac to Saines Angoulême by houseboat hire barge


Cruise along the Charente River, from Cognac  past Renaissance castles and Romanesque churches, to the Atlantic…
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cruise the west of France by houseboat barge on Mayenne and Sarthe Le Mans Angers

Anjou – Pays de la Loire

Navigation is possible along three rivers, the Mayenne, the Sarthe and the Oudon. You can choose between a wilder natural landscape to the north, or passing through more villages to the south…
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Vilaine river from Redon leads your rental canal yacht to Rennes Josselin and Dinan Nantes à Brest


A different way to visit Brittany – by boat – and discover its countryside, architecture, beautiful villages and historical sites, stopping off to visit markets, museums or local craft studios
along the way…
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Canal de la Marne from Languimberg to Waltenheim-sur-Zorn Strasbourg Saverne cruise by self drive rental boat

Alsace – Lorraine

Cruise through the European capital city of Strasbourg, past the hop fields and countryside of Alsace, through the Niderwillertunnels, or take the famous Arzwiller boat lift…
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from Pont-à-Bar through the Ardennes and river Meuse to Verdun Stenay Charleville Mézières


Ardennes (in Celtic deep forest) is a natural and wooded region with a wide variety of plants, animals and birds. Enjoy the pure fresh air as you cruise through local villages steeped in history…
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France canal boating holidays by
Our own personal holiday report on Canal du Midi: see here

Previously, there was an entire network of navigable rivers and canals with specific sizes of locks, and canal widths for cargo transport throughout France with  standard size boats called Peniche. These internal waterways are now ideal for water tourism in the beautiful scenery of the French countryside.
You may moor almost anywhere for free, also overnight.
The rented houseboat is a kind of floating luxury caravan with similar comfort: kitchen with cooker and fridge freezer, shower, toilet, central heating, comfortable seating and sleeping furniture.
An important advantage is that as a tenant you decide where you can “camp” to enjoy a meal or a peaceful night of sleep.
Holidays afloat : captain on your temporary boat, where a barge becomes a houseboat
Your dog is also welcome on board