Navigating the Doubs canal allows you to travel through large meadows, forests, villages and admire beautiful limestone cliffs at Allenjoie. Franche-Comté offers you its gastronomic wonders (Jura region), heritage (toy museum, Peugeot museum) and nature (areas to fish, swimming and superb views)!
Departure base: Montreux-Château

Petite Saône Saône Doubs Pontailler sur Saône canal yacht hire

Burgundy – Saône

Departing from Pontailler sur Saone, you have a large choice of routes – the Saone, the ‘Petite Saone’, the River Doubs, the Burgundy Canal or the Canal de la Marne à la Saone.
Cruise through the vineyards of this region, famous for its wines and fine foods. Enjoy the countryside and wildlife along the way.
Departure base: Pontailler-sur-Saône
Eastern Burgundy: Franche-Comté, Doubs, Saone etc.
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River Seille, Saône by Pontaille sur Saône and Louhans canal yacht rental

Bresse Bourguignonne – Seille

Set off from Louhans, famous for its farmers market, and cruise through the vineyards along the beautiful River Seille, a tributary of the River Saone, past halftimbered houses and through a wildlife reserve. The Bresse Bourguignonne area is famous for its chickens ‘poulets de bresse’. For wine enthusiasts – you can cruise as far as the well-known Macon or Santenay vineyards.
Departure base: Louhans

Canal du Centre, Roanne, Latéral à Loire by Digoin, Decize, Paray le Monial

South Burgundy

Situated in the heart of the Charolais region, Digoin is a central starting point for your cruise. The town is at the junction of three canals, the Canal from Roanne to Digoin, or quiet canal,
the Canal du Centre, taking you through Paray le Monial and vineyards, and the Canal Lateral à la Loire, which runs through historical towns such as Decize or Nevers.
Departure base: Digoin

barging Canal du Nivernais Morvan to cruise to Châtillon en Bazois, Digoin and Decize boat rental

Val de Loire – South Nivernais

Cruise along the Nivernais canal, departing from Chatillon en Bazois, through valleys, past hills, forests and castles. The town of Decize, once a rocky island in the middle of the Loire River, has gastronomy, nature and culture. Sail to Nevers and the Sancerre vineyards and enjoy the charming countryside of this region.
Departure base: Châtillon-en-Bazois

Yonne, Canal du Nivernais by Coulanges sur Yonne and Châtillon en Bazois barge rental

Nivernais – Morvan

The Nivernais Canal is probably one of the most beautiful in France.
You will cross the well preserved nature of the Morvan natural park, as you cruise along this canal steeped in history and tradition. The canal was built at the end of the 18th century to aid the floating of timber from the Morvan forests to Paris.
Departure base: Coulanges-sur-Yonne

Loiret – Sologne

From Briare southwards, you will cruise on the famous canal bridge built at the end of the 19th century by Gustave Eiffel. You will then reach Sancerre and taste the famous white wine and the noless-famous goat cheese « crottin de Chavignol ». To the north, on the Canal de Briare, you will reach first Rogny, known for its 7 locks and then Montagis, known as the « little Venice » of Gâtinais, thanks to its canals and rivers which cut across the region. You will then cruise on the canal du Loing.
Departure base: Briare

Map of Burgundy

Tourist attractions

• The village of Pesmes
• The Castle of Talmay
• The caves of Beze
• The Castle of Ray sur Saone and its gardens
• The Burgundy vineyards from the Côte Châlonnaise to the Mâconnais
• Dijon: its historical heritage, its museums and monuments and its gastronomy
• Besancon: the Citadelle, the gastronomy of the Jura region

• The vineyards of the Macônnais
• The Bresse chickens, frog’s legs
• The Seille River: its ponds, dunes and peat bogs, refuge of various migratory birds among which you will find endangered species and rare plant species
• Bressane farms
• Louhans: its streets and arcades, its market on Mondays
• Cuisery, the book village, the EDEN centre

• The canal bridge and L’Observaloire in Digoin
• The castle of Palinges
• L’écomusée de la briqueterie (museum) in Ciry Le Noble
• The mine museum in Blanzy
• Charlieu: its abbey and its silk museum
• Roman churches of the Brionnais
• Roanne and the famous Troisgros Restaurant
• Leasure park (les Combes) at Le Creusot
• Paray-Le-Monial: the old town, its roman basilica

• The lakes of Baye
• Regional park of the Morvan
• The castle of Châtillon en Bazois
• The town of Clamecy dating from the Middle Ages
• The drawbridge of Dirol
• The vaults and tunnels of La Collancelle
• Canal boating on one of the oldest canals in France

• The vineyards of Tannay
• The vineyards of Chablis
• The castle of Chitry-Les-Mines
• Auxerre: the cathedral of Saint-Etienne, the Abbey of Saint-Germain, museums and parks
• Village of Vermenton: its church from the 12th century, its tower and its sundial, its wash house and its islands’ park

• The vineyards and wine cellars of Tonnerre
• The castle of Ancy le Franc
• The castle of Tanlay
• Canal brigde in Florentin
• Tonnerre: the «fosse Dionne», «l’hôtel Dieu», Saint Pierre Church
• Montbard: the park, the orange trees and the Buffon museum, the «Jacquemart»,
the forge of Buffon
• Pouilly en Auxois, the vineyards and wine cellars, the 3.33 km long tunnel

Pamper your palate in the heart of magnificent Burgundy
Famous Burgundy well deserves its reputation for fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Lush vineyards hug rolling hills, and quiet villages invite you to linger. Amidst a network of canals flows the majestic Saône River, the focal point of your Burgundy boat rent in France! This beautiful river ushers you into a world of pleasures, a realm that pleases the senses and soothes the soul.