Burgundy Barging – Saône southbound


Length: 218 km;
Headroom: 370 cm;
Locks: 6;
Draught: 300 cm;
Maximum length of boat: 180m x 11m40

This part of the river was already prepared for commercial navigation in order to secure connexion for the planned big ship route between Saône and Rhine. It passes famous wine-growing districts with its adjacent towns. Here the docking facilities are good apart from these however others offer a minimum of infrastructure.

km Place Information
233 Auxonne anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
222 Mailly le Port anlegestelle restaurant lebensmittel
215 Saint Jean de Losne anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet treibstoff restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran werft mechaniker dock
188 Seurre anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran
167 Verdun sur le Doubs anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
165 Chauvort alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
159 Raconnay anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant slip_kran
142 Chalon anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran werft mechaniker dock
123 Ecl. de Gigny anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet slip_kran
112 Tournus anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
97 Pont de Vaux anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
90 Asnieres sur Saône anlegestelle wasser restaurant
83 Port de Mantoche anlegestelle
83 Macon anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte

Burgundy Barging – La Seille

Length: 39 km;
Headroom: 305 cm;
Locks: 4;
Draught: 130 cm;
Maximum length of boat: 38m50 x 5m05

A very beautiful small river which is navigable from its mouth into the Saône, just south of Tournus, to the well known Bresse town Louhans.

km Place Information
La Truchere anlegestelle wasser restaurant lebensmittel
Ratenelle anlegestelle lebensmittel
Cuisery anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran
Port de Chevreuse anlegestelle
Branges anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet lebensmittel slip_kran
Louhans anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran

Suggestions for cruises from Louhans

Louhans, La Truchère, Louhans : 76 km, 6 locks, 12 hours

Mini week
Louhans, Châlon-sur-Saône, Verdun sur Doubs, Louhans : 200 km, 10 locks, 22 hours
Louhans, Mâcon, Tournus, Châlon sur Saône, Louhans : 196 km, 10 locks, 21 hours

One week
Louhans, Châlon-sur-Saône, Santenay, Saint Léger sur Dheune, Louhans : 222 km, 42 locks, 35 hours
Louhans, St Jean de Losne, Louhans : 270 km, 14 locks, 28 hours

One week one-way
Louhans, Pontailler sur Saône : 172 km, 9 locks, 25 hours
Louhans, Chagny, Pontailler sur Saône : 213 km, 33 locks, 31 hours

Two weeks
Louhans, Digoin, Louhans : 384 km, 132 locks, 69 hours

• Useful information for South Eastern Burgundy
The source of the Saône River in Vioménil amid the beautiful Vosges Mountains. The water bubbles here is crystal clear and flows 480 kilometers to the Rhone River in Lyon. Map of Burgundy shows that you can navigate the river from Corre to Lyon, a beautiful stretch of 371 kilometers.
The source of the river is 396 meters above sea level and the river has most of the decline in the Gray. Of Gray to the Rhone the altitude difference is only 34 meters. This makes the Saône a very quiet river – slow, wide and peaceful in St Jean-de-Losne on the Grande Saône and narrower and more rural above Axonne on the Petite Saône.
A brief history
The Roman legion cherished the sacred spring in Chalon-sur-Saône, named after the Gallic river goddess Souconna. Sou conna was used as a name for the river and it stuck. The Romans may be, however, the river Arar, called which translates as “two rivers that fit together.” This name came from the confluence of the River Doubs and the Saône. Seneca described the Saone as “a hesitant river” who could not decide which way he wanted to.
Cruising Advice
Petit Saône, the Grande Saône and the Seille river are easy to navigate and therefore suitable for beginners. The adjacent channels are also quiet and inviting.
The locks on the river Seille are unmanned. The locks on the Petite Saône are automatic and manned by lock-keepers; some are unmanned. On the Grande Saône is between St. Jean-de-Losne and Macon three automatic locks manned by lock-keepers. On the Canal des Vosges, the Canal de Bourgogne and the Canal du Centre are all locks automatically. Locks are free.
Opening hours: The locks on the Petite Saône are open from 09:00 until 19:00. The locks are closed between 12:30 and 13:30 for lunch. The locks on the Canal Saône are open from 06:00 to 21:00. No closing for lunch.
Holidays: The locks in this area are closed on 1 May. Furthermore, the locks at St. Jean de Losne and Branges are also closed on July 14.
There are many well-equipped moorings along the river Seille. On the Grande Saône it is obligatory to construct a floating dock or in port.
Top 10 hidden treasures of Burgundy
Fish in Ray-sur-Saône
The costume museum in Scey-sur-Saone
Watersports in Auxonne
The glassblowers at La Rochère
Golfing in Chalon-sur-Saône
The fort in Rupt-sur-Saône
The gardens of Arc-lès-Gray
The Natural History Museum in Gray
Château Mantoche
The vineyards of Côte de Beaune.