In remote ages this river was considered one of the most beautiful of France and it still is Going upstream from Rochefort one passes a wild, hilly region with the well known old towns of Charente-Maritime and after two or three days Cognac with its abundance of distilleries is reached. Afterwards the surroundings become quite unique where sinister valleys with old papermills are inhabited by bats and one arrives in Angoulême, the capital of cartoons and comics after a few antique locks.

The Cognac marina is located in the heart of the city and ideally meets the needs of canalboaters. A towpath allows the discovery of heritage, wildlife and flora, walking and cycling.

Right bank of the Charente River: the St Jacques district offers different kinds of shops and a large outdoor market on Saturday morning. Pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela were once step in this neighborhood.
Left bank of the Charente River : Cognac is full of old medieval architectural treasures including the castle of Valois, birthplace of François I, and the towers of St Jacques, the House of the Lieutenance…
But also : the discovery space of the land of Cognac (funny and interactive discovery of Cognac and its heritage – near the marina – free entrance) the museums and parks, not to mention the houses of Cognac and the distilleries offering tours and tastings of their famous old Cognac…

km Place Information
0 Angoulême anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
5 Fléac anlegestelle wasser slip_kran
12 Nersac restaurant
17 Pont de Sireuil anlegestelle wasser slip_kran
22 St. Simeux restaurant
23 Chateauneuf wasser restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran
43 Jarnac anlegestelle wasser restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
48 Bourg Charente restaurant lebensmittel
58 Cognac anlegestelle wasser restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
10 Dompierre sur Charente anlegestelle restaurant lebensmittel slip_kran
15 La Baine anlegestelle wasser restaurant
16 Chaniers anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran
27 Saintes anlegestelle wasser restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
42 Port d’Envaux anlegestelle restaurant alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
49 St. Savinien anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
71 Tonnay Charente anlegestelle restaurant alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
77 Rochefort anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran werft

Suggestions for cruises from Cognac

Cognac – Saintes – Cognac : 69 km, 4 locks, 10 hours

Mini Week
Cognac – St Savinien – Cognac : 112 km, 4 locks, 20 hours

One Week
Cognac – Angoulême – Cognac : 118 km. 36 locks, 28 hours

Two Weeks
Cognac – Angoulême – Cognac – St Savinien – Cognac : 230 km, 40 locks, 48 hours