Lot Amont

This part of the river Lot has been made navigable again between Larnagol and Luzech.
It leads past the attractive historical town of Cahors with its excellent wines.
from our bases Luzech and Cahors you can easily explore the whole river area in one week.
Larnagol-Bouzies not on this map

km Place Information
7 Pont de Bouziès anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran
18 Vers anlegestelle wasser restaurant lebensmittel
23 Savanac anlegestelle wasser restaurant lebensmittel mechaniker
25 Lamagdaleine anlegestelle elektrizitaet lebensmittel
28 Laroque des Arcs anlegestelle wasser restaurant lebensmittel
32 Cahors anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet treibstoff restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran werft mechaniker dock
Douelle anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
Caix anlegestelle wasser restaurant
Luzech anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran

Suggestions for cruises from Cahors

Mini week
Cahors – St Cirq Lapopie – Cahors: 70 km, 22 locks, 15 hours

One week
Cahors – Luzech – St Cirq Lapopie – Larnagol – Cahors: 146 km, 34 locks*, 28 hours

* one automatic lock