Canal du Rhône à Sète – Camargue Languedoc – Beaucaire to Sète

Length: 99 km;
Headroom: 500 cm;
Locks: 1;
Draught: 180 cm;
Maximum length of boat: 120 x 8 mtrs

The Canal du Rhône à Sète starts at the closed down junction lock of Beaucaire, flows past the lock of St. Gilles (junction Petit Rhône / Rhône) and continues parallel to the Mediteranean Sea to Sète. You can moore somewhere and make a stroll to the beach to take a dive into the Mediterranean sea. The voyage goes right through the middle of Camarque with huge groupes of flamingoes, grazing horses and so on.. . If you have enough time you should absolutely make the detour to Aigues-Mortes. At the end the beautiful Etang de Thau and with it the Canal du Midi is waiting for you. We have a base in Carnon (Montpellier Plage) and from there you can make a one way trip to Homps by the Canal du Midi. You can also make a return trip to Agde, on the Canal du Midi.

km Place Information
1 Beaucaire anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran werft mechaniker
14 Pont de Bellegarde anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant
25 Saint-Gilles anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet treibstoff restaurant hotel lebensmittel slip_kran mechaniker
39 Gallician anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet
55 b Aigues-Mortes anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran mechaniker
55c Le Grau du Roi anlegestelle restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran
61 La Grande Motte anlegestelle
70 Carnon anlegestelle wasser restaurant hotel lebensmittel
75 Les Quatres Canaux/Palavas anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant
85 Km 85 anlegestelle
98 L’Escale restaurant
93 Frontignan anlegestelle wasser restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
96 Le Peyrade anlegestelle slip_kran
99 Sète anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran

Suggestions for cruises from Carnon

Carnon – Aigues-Mortes – Carnon: 40 km, 0 lock, 8 hours

Mini week
Carnon, Marseillan, Carnon : 94 km, 0 lock, 12 hours
Carnon, Agde, Carnon : 114 km, 6 locks, 16 hours
Carnon – Beaucaire – Sète, Carnon : 198 km, 2 locks, 28 hours

Mini week One way
Carnon – St Gilles – Carnon – Agde : 148 km, 3 locks 19 hours

One week
Carnon, Beaucaire, Carnon : 142 km, 2 locks, 20 hours
Carnon, Capestang, Carnon : 200 km, 30 locks, 32 hours
Carnon, Beaucaire, Sète, Carnon : 198 km, 2 locks, 28 hours

One week One way
Carnon – Homps : 143 km, 17 locks, 27 hours
Carnon – Aigues-Mortes – Colombiers : 125 km, 15 locks, 25 hours

Two weeks
Carnon, Narbonne, Carnon : 260 km, 52 locks, 46 hours

Two weeks One way
Carnon, Beaucaire, Carnon, Homps : 285 km, 22 locks, 43 hours
Carnon, Carcassonne : 183 km, 30 locks, 35 hours