Cross the regions of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern across lakes of clear water,connected by rivers and canals, and enjoy the surrounding nature and wildlife.

In some parts of this region a license is needed for the boat, instruction is given upon departure and a certificate is issued enabling you to cruise on most  of the waterways except between Zehdenick towards Berlin.

Navigation is unauthorised on the Elbe

Provisional License: Special regulations for crossing the large lakes (eg Lake Plaue, Kolpin, Flesen).
Crossing is only permitted within the channel. On Lake Müritz, navigation must be alongside the green buoys on the west flank of the lake. The wearing of lifejackets is compulsory for all crew members. Before crossing the Plaue and Müritz lakes, the crew must be informed of weather conditions at the base.
Before and after crossing, the crew must register with the base. During the time of hire, the crew must be reachable by phone.

Departure bases: Fürstenberg

Suggestions for cruises from Fürstenberg

Fürstenberg, Templin, Fürstenberg : 60 km – 10 locks – 9 hours

One week (historical tour)
Fürstenberg – Himmelpfort – Lychen – Templin – Zehdenick – Fürstenberg : 204 km – 20 locks – 22 hours
Fürstenberg – Neustrelitz – Rheinsberg – Mirow – Fürstenberg : 193 km – 20 locks – 25 hours

One week (Werbellinsee)
Fürstenberg, Mildenberg, to Liebenwalde don’t continue towards Berlin, but take the “langer Trödel” until the Werbellin pond : 205 km – 18 locks – 32 hours

Two Weeks (the Müritz and the castle)
Fürstenberg – Mirow – Waren – Röbel – Rheinsberg – Neustrelitz – Fürstenberg: 260 km, 26 locks, 48 hours

Canal Map of Germany

Tourist attractions

• The castle of Rheinsberg
• Berlin, capital of reunified Germany
• The beautiful and pure lakes
• The unforgettable sunset
• The differents festivals in the ports and harbours