The “Göta Kanal” is also called Sweden’s greatest wonder. It stretches from Sjötorp on Lake Vänern to Söderköping on the east coast – 190 kilometres and 58 locks. Our departure bases are in Söderköping and Sjötorp, and you can choose a one-way or return trip. The one way trip from Sjötorp to Söderköping or vice versa can be done in one or two weeks. The return trip from either base allows you to get to Lake “Vättern” and back.

Departure bases: Söderköping, Sjötorp

Suggestions for cruises from Söderköping

One week
Söderköping – Motala – Söderköping : 122 km, 66 locks, 28 hours

One to two weeks
Söderköping – Motala – Vadstena – Söderköping : 190 km, 30 locks, 54 hours

Suggestions for cruises from Sjötorp

One week
Sjötorp – Karlsborg – Sjötorp : 130 km, 27 locks, 38 hours

Map of Sweden

Tourist attractions

• The Bergs locks, the canals biggest sight with its famus flight of locks, there you also find adventure golf
• Choo-choo and the Smultronstället ice cream parlour in Söderköping, Cloetta,
chocolate fabric in Ljungsbro
• Toy museum in Ljung and motor museum in Motala
• Hand operated lock in Borensberg
• Sweden’s biggest lake sandy beach in Motala “Varamon”
• Vadstena, a beautiful middle age town with a guest harbor in to the moat to the castle, very popular
• Karsborg fortress with its treasure hunt and adventure tour
• Forsvik, the oldest lock, musical evenings, theatre etc.
• Töreboda, heated pool
• Norqvarn, lock area with the children’s mini canal
• Sjötorp, canal idyll with several locks and canal museum