The River Yonne

auxerre-yonneThe Yonne connects the Seine with the Canal du Nivernais and the Canal du Bourgogne. It is navigable from Auxerre to Montereau-Fault-Yonne. It is a splendid river bordered by beautiful ancient cities. Some of the locks have sloping sidewalls which pose problems not only to small boats. Also some of the weirs are in bad condition and therefore the water-level can be less than one meter. While planning your trip get informed as to the situation on the Yonne and the canals du Bourgogne and du Nivernais.
Auxerre is the capital of the Auxerrois wine-district.
Other wine-districts near-by: Tonnerrois (Tonnerre, Canal de Bourgogne) and
Chablis (east of Auxerre and south of Tonnerre)

km Place Information
0 Auxerre anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet treibstoff restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran mechaniker
10 Gurgy anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant lebensmittel slip_kran
18 Pont de Bassou restaurant lebensmittel
31 Joigny anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran mechaniker
50 Villeneuve sur Yonne anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel
67 Sens anlegestelle wasser elektrizitaet restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte lebensmittel slip_kran
79 Pont sur Yonne anlegestelle restaurant alle_geschaefte slip_kran
107 Monterau anlegestelle restaurant hotel alle_geschaefte